BABY-BNB added to BabySwap Farm List!

Hello babies!

One of BabySwap’s core is the USDT route, and this comes from users’ high demands in using USDT. However, we figured people trade BNB to BABY a lot, so you have made the decision for us - a BABY-BNB trading pair is in demand.

BabySwap constantly puts security and users’ demands in the first place. Recently we also received several recommendations on opening BABY-BNB farm, hereby we announce that BABY-BNB Farm is available today!


To welcome more babies and fulfill your needs, we provide a BABY-BNB farm as well as trade mining that will have 10x BABY rewards as a perpetual service. This is the only BNB pair besides BNB-USDT on BabySwap now, and the reason behind is to make BABY-BNB transaction smoother and less costly.

The route of exchanging BABY to BNB before was: BABY-USDT-BNB, and by adding the LP farm, users can directly exchange BABY to BNB or reversely.

Adjustments on other Farms

To balance the existing farms’ rewards and provide better support for future farms, we have made several adjustments to the farms we have currently. The adjustments are as follows:

The trade mining multiplier has been adjusted accordingly as well.

We always want to distribute more rewards to our cooperated newborn projects, and to where our users’ demands settle the most. Projects and users are the core of BabySwap, we will continually adjust our operation strategies accordingly.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact us via the links at the end of this article.

Community-oriented plus Project-oriented, let’s build the crypto future together.

Principal’s Note






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