An Innovative Baby is on the Stage for a Sustainable Baby Metaverse

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Wassup, big babies! A soon-to-be 2 years old Baby is here with the freshest news and updates on our blueprints for this fire-new quarter and 2023. As you can see from the Q1 2023 Roadmap below, Baby never slack off on BUIDLing in the past, present, or future. As a Baby with incredible flexibility, we will adjust accordingly based on the current market and BABY price, speed up our development to catch more eyes, breathe excitement and profits into the community, and embody unwavering quality as Baby always has.

Therefore, Baby will tackle challenges in the following aspects to bring up a sustainable and exciting Baby Metaverse for all babies to play with and earn in the long run. All in metaverse! All in Baby!

Things to be Done

  • Farm adjustment for selling pressure reduction and liquidity concentration.
  • Consecutive launches on Baby Wonderland for a metaverse-focused Baby.
  • Innovations to keep up with the latest trends.

Let’s break them down and elaborate one by one with more details.

Farm Adjustment

First and foremost, a makeover of BabySwap Farm will take place and be done in early April.

So the action plan is to remove all ALT liquidity pools in Baby Farm but BABY-BNB. This is a huge movement for us to reform with more concentrated strength and power to allocate all resources to BABY and to benefit BABY holders in every way regardless of certain protocol revenue losses. We certainly don’t like people who farm here and sell immediately.

The reason we choose BNB-pegged liquidity over USDT is that if you paid attention to the news in these few years, stablecoins always have higher risks. We can’t fully trust any stablecoins, but one thing for sure is that we will develop with BNB Chain and stay close to the BNB ecosystem. BABY-BNB will bring us a bright future. At the same time, the farm output won’t be changed, so it means you will earn more in the BABY-BNB farm as it shares all the farm output. But the output will be gradually transferred to Baby Wonderland which we will be talking about later.

More advantages will be coming out of this major update:

  1. Several babies have also mentioned the selling pressures of BABY before. We are making adjustments now to resolve this concern for good! ALT farmers and non-BABY-related assets will not harm real BABY users anymore.
  2. All BABY emissions to Baby Farm will be concentrated mainly on BABY-BNB for an impressive depth with BNB and optimized trading experience.

In this case, certain losses, such as a decrease in swap fee income, are necessary, as we will re-distribute 100% of BABY output to all BABY-related features for the most benefits and profits. Whether you are a Baby believer here for a long-term interest or a trader for short-term profits, you can well experience trading on BabySwap.

Baby Wonderland Launch

Speaking of the re-distribution of BABY output to all BABY-related features, Baby Wonderland would be a huge part of it.

As we all know that the total BABY emission has been adjusted along with the launch of Divinity Land from Baby Farm (0.5) and Pool (0.5). After the adjustment of the Farm to BABY-BNB only, BABY output on Farm will be completely concentrated on BNB liquidity, and with the launch of the rest of the islands on Baby Wonderland, BABY output will also be adjusted to add more BABY output on Land. Hold-to-Earn will gradually become one of the major ways to gain profitably as we are stepping into a brand-new Baby Metaverse era.

Therefore, the rest of the islands, which are Ghost, Wizard, Scorpion, and Frosty Land will be launched one by one soon. As one new island launches, 1 BABY/block emission output will be transferred from Farm emission to Land emission, to keep the total output unchanged. This is not only for us to adjust the way we earn, but to BUIDL into a real metaverse-focused Baby because the launch of islands is merely the first stage of Baby Wonderland Build. To develop more concentratedly, extensive collaborations with leading projects across chains, promote and build based on Baby Wonderland, such as the GameFi with Baby Wealthy Club as we mentioned earlier.

More BABY will be locked to Land and more BUIDLs will be taken place on Land! They are the preludes we have prepared for Baby Metaverse. All-in-Metaverse will be the keynote!

As a part of the Baby brand, there’s more to reveal that Baby Wealthy Club is one step ahead to working with LayerZero for an all-chain NFT project. Its integrations on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon will be done next week! With the same Baby brand and close collaboration with Baby Wealthy Club, Baby has the power to achieve our goals in multi chains!

Innovative Baby

Baby never stops building under any circumstances, that’s the 100% fact about Baby since day 1. Baby’s ultimate and unshakable goal is always to build Baby Meta Finance with Baby Brand (Baby Wealthy Club), Baby Metaverse (Baby Wonderland), DeFi, GameFi, etc. HODLing and BUIDLing are the things that we will never say never.

As a 2-year-old platform with an abundance of Web 3 experience and resources, community support, and professional skills. The Baby team decided to adopt internally to keep up with the latest Web 3 trends with a new Web 3 Alpha Team. Innovations from this special team will be totally independence from Baby and not limited to BNB Chain but all-chain protocol. Any new assets will be based on BABY for the maximized values and return to real BABY users.

Wholehearted Baby

Honestly speaking, Web 3 is the world evolving at a staggering rate every day. You can literally learn and meet new trends every month or even week. The market is bubbled with opportunities but also saturated with limited liquidity, unlimited stories, and uncountable new projects. As an ‘old’ project, Baby is facing numerous challenges to innovate and create. You, as an investor, it’s totally understandable that the expectations and attraction of new projects must surpass old projects. We understand yet never quit! That’s how Baby BUIDL from the very beginning with undaunted courage and confidence.

Baby has no boundaries and will never set one for ourselves. With unstoppable learning, fortifying a solid foundation, and innovation, Baby will never be too old for the market! We grow like a rising star no matter how long we have established, constantly updating and optimizing to live like an ever-burning lamp.

Baby embraces the exploration of diverse challenges and the developing world. We are a young team with tons of possibilities and potential to create and innovate, and an ‘old’ team to start our 3rd-year crypto journey with rich experience and resources.

Start with BABY.

Thrive with BABY.

Accompany BABY to enjoy irresistible returns in BABY.

BABY will not let you down.

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.




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