A New Generation of NFT: NFB Pool is Coming!

4 min readJul 19, 2021

Hola babies, it’s a brand new week and I’m bringing your the most wanted service to BabySwap.

BabySwap NFB Pool will be launched in 3 days, as a part of our NFT ecosystem! It is our pleasure to have tons of supports for our NFT ecosystem, let’s see how NFB Pool will advance and what’s our next step in the NFT ecosystem!

NFB Pool

Early this week, you will finally be able to stake your NFB into the pool to earn BABY! The rate will be 1.2x than traditional BABY pool, which means if you stake an NFB with a 1,000 face value, the return will be equivalent to staking 1,200 BABY in the BABY pool.

Announcing a new function is the most stimulating thing, and what’s more fascinating is all our new functions online were audited by CertiK. Security first! Final audit report will be posted in the following days, and we are currently working on small fix and deployments. You can stake your NFB to the pool in a secured way. No worries about your cuties anymore.

Staking the NFB is as straightforward as staking your BABY: Enable, stake, and harvest. To learn the details of staking NFB, please visit our guide.

NFB staking pool will be great empowerment for BABY tokens. For each NFB minted, there will be 1.2x face-value BABY locked. More NFB is going to be released, so the locked volume will keep rising. Since you can only sell it on the marketplace instead of converting NFB back to BABY, the locked BABY will have the same importance as the burned BABY — building the foundation of BABY price.

Deflation is the king to success!

The NFB Lovers

So much love for our non-fungible Baby, that we made the best seller in BSC NFT Ecosystem for the previous two weeks, with an average daily trading volume of $5,000 including the official sales and secondary market. A record shows that people who have bought UEFA EURO 2020 collections with 0.3 BNB for each can sell them to the market at the price of 1.0 BNB. 3 times more profit in a short period of time, and it all thanks to our genius designer and NFB staking.


(BSC News)

As of today, there have been 3 categories released out. 1 NFB for memories, 7 NFB for Mates, and 12 NFB for Baby Squad. You can get the NFB through official sales, airdrops, and secondary-market sales.

NFB is a real functional NFT for people, it is not only an art collection but also a finance tool to earn you money. However, this is not the termination. More about BabySwap’s NFT ecosystem is coming.

Our Next Move in NFT

According to our roadmap, there are going to be more NFB releases later. We plan to release more NFB with 100 BABY face value as charity funds, where we donate all the income to charity at the end of this month. We will have 4–8 sales for Charity each month with different projects, and 1–2 Baby Squad collection sales each month.

Have you noticed that we are missing the Family category? No rush, it will be distributed this week. Hint: Ranking via on-chain data and distributing to BabySwap lovers.

Meanwhile, we will cooperate with more NFT platforms to better establish and spread our brand image.

As of the services, vBABY and profile are coming next and are expected to be in middle or late August. Following by, BabySwap NFT platform is the next step, where you can sell your NFT on BabySwap and it is going to be happening in September. At the end of this year, we are also expecting a combination of BabySwap NFT and GameFi.

We realized a lot of people don’t understand what NFT is, so we have a dream to create a virtual reality for BABY, the wonderland to store your aspiration, which better helps the public to understand, gain, collect, and earn from NFT.

Acknowledge and get an NFB for yourself, let the earning becomes entertaining.

It’s time for you to stake your NFB and get some BABY.

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