A Baby for a Day is Baby’s Family for Life! Let’s celebrate BabySwap 2nd Year Anniversary!

6 min readMay 23, 2023


It’s a really significant and special time of the year! No need to guess coz every baby must know that Baby is about to have our 2-year birthday on June 1st!

Baby can’t believe how strong, comprehensive, innovative, and productive Baby has grown just within a year, not to mention many of those uncountable and mind-blowing accomplishments and records we have made together! As we always said, we can’t come this far without babies. Baby’s 2nd year anniversary is not only a celebration for Baby but also a journey to show gratitude and love for babies.

The limited-edition NFB of Baby’s 2nd anniversary is up for grabs, follow Baby to see how to get one!

Consistent Baby HODLers

As always, let’s begin with our strong and persistent holders who have faith in Baby and BUIDL with us in any circumstance. First of all, the same as Baby’s 1st year anniversary, our Firstever Baby NFB holders will never be left out! To whom that might not be familiar with this NFB, Firstever Baby NFB was released on June 25th, 2021 for all our first-month supporters, which included anyone who has participated in ILO, BabySwap Farms, and Pools, is currently or was once a BABY holder, or whoever have traded on BabySwap.

To add more faithful holders this time, we included all 1st-Year Anniversary NFB holders and BABY holders who have over 2,000 BABY in your wallet address at the time of the snapshot, which is on May 22nd! It means that as long as you are holding Firstever Baby, 1st-Year Anniversary NFB, and 2,000 BABY in your wallet together at the snapshot time, you will be eligible for our 2nd-Year Anniversary NFB!

Basically, Baby appreciates and honors all Baby believers who HODL our beginning (Firstever Baby NFB), past (1st-Year Anniversary NFB), and now (2,000 BABY) simultaneously. And Baby will return with the exclusive future (2nd-Year Anniversary NFB) to recognize your faith and prepare more for Baby believers!

The snapshot was done on May 22nd, 2023, and we have located 335 faithful holders! Huge thanks for accompanying Baby along the way and through it all! Check if you are one of these 335 addresses here.

Faith will never fail you, especially in Baby MetaFi!

Rich Baby Collectors

All Diamond Hand receivers, top 100 vBABY holders, and top 100 landholders on Prosperity Points Rank, it’s your turn to shine!

For Diamond Hand receivers (Holders who purchased on the secondary market will NOT count!) from Jan 2021 to May 2023, a total of 23 months of Diamond Hand NFB and thousands of receivers! You witness each step that Baby has made, and every achievement Baby has accomplished! You all will be eligible for the special 2nd-anniversary NFB without a doubt!

For the Top 100 vBABY holders, you will also be eligible for the limited-edition 2nd-anniversary NFB as you are the privileged VIP in Baby MetaFi by holding the most vBABY! The snapshot for the Top 100 vBABY holders was taken on May 22nd, 2023.

Last but not least, our Top 100 landholders from Baby Wonderland are based on the Prosperity Points they are currently holding! Round of applause for merging and purchasing the most land assets as you can for the best profits in Baby Wonderland. Not only Hold-to-Earn effortlessly on Land but being looked up to by Baby! All in Metaverse is always correct! The snapshot for the Top 100 landholders on Prosperity Point Rank was taken on May 22nd, 2023 as well.

After the cross-check among 335 consistent Baby HODLers above, Diamond Hand receivers, the Top 100 vBABY holders, and the Top 100 landholders on Prosperity Point Rank, 701 more addresses are eligible for the unique NFB.

You all deserve to be awarded as you carry the most confidence to either stake, mint, and hold to earn lucratively and continuously in Baby MetaFi. We have you all listed with eligibility to win the limited-edition 2nd-Year Anniversary NFB! The filtered addresses can be checked here.

Baby promises, you will always own the top priorities in Baby MetaFi!

Loving Baby Contributors

All community leaders and supporters! Your efforts and contributions to Baby MetaFi will never be taken for granted. Baby is here to reward you with the special NFB!

We have counted 20 on-duty community leaders and volunteers in total. Huge thanks for staying close to Baby to BUIDL a better Baby MetaFi!

Baby appreciates all the assistance, encouragement, and boosts from all our precious community leaders, volunteers, and loyal baby supporters! 2 years are a quite long journey, thanks for coming to Baby to be our best friends and contributors!


If you are new to Baby MetaFi and ready to contribute, don’t worry if you are not matched with the above criteria for the limited-edition 2nd-Year Anniversary NFB, coz your chances are here. Baby will never leave anyone behind! Let our Baby squad paint the town red and add mind-blowing spices to Baby MetaFi and the crypto world!

Event Requirements

Complete simple tasks here for eligibility to earn the unique NFB! Tasks are set as follows:

  1. Change your Twitter, BabySwap DID, and Baby Wonderland avatar to Baby, either the birthday cake version or the NFB version. It must be Baby 2nd Anniversary-related avatars! Pictures are down below:
  1. Follow BabySwap on Twitter.
  2. Say Happy Birthday to BabySwap on Twitter with the tag #BabySwap2ndAnniversary and #BabySwap! As an international community, all languages are always and forever welcome. Baby loves creative birthday photos, artwork, or videos, share with us! Let Baby locate our sincere and talented babies.
  3. Join BabySwap Telegram, Telegram Announcement Channel, and Discord.
  4. Submit your Tweet link with your birthday messages to Baby, BEP 20 address for rewards claim, Baby Wonderland address with your birthday avatar uploaded, and Telegram ID here.


From 1:00 PM UTC, May 23rd to 4:00 PM UTC, June 1st


1/ The special 2nd-Year Anniversary NFB is ready for babies
2/ 10 random landholders who upload their Land PFPs to birthday-related avatars to share 10 FREE lands!

Say happy birthday to Baby and follow Baby to BUIDL the Babyverse thriving and prosperous!

⚠️ Note that 1 address can only be eligible for 1 2nd-Year Anniversary NFB.

Also, don’t miss out on the exclusive BabySwap 2nd Anniversary events in Baby Discord as well. Participate all to get bountiful $BABY, Discord Points, and FREE Wizard Land!

Much Love to Babies

Tons of thanks to all faithful, determined, and supportive babies! Baby started from scratch, but now we have not only a powerful community and a booming Baby Metaverse. It is because of YOU!

YOU made all these miracles happen in Baby MetaFi, YOU motivated Baby to keep moving forward and presenting the best, and YOU accompanied Baby through fluctuation and success! Glad we have known each other for 2 years, or if you are a new baby, you will never be late. Let Baby show you the splendid Baby MetaFi.

More birthday events and jaw-dropping moves are approaching! We just started and there is no limitation.

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.




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